Turfresh testimonials

I've tried vinegar, bleach, water, baking soda...but nothing worked to remove the terrible odour. Turfresh was easy to use and the smell was gone. Of course our dog is still there, so we repeat the process each month Niederegger Family

Watering the grass every day was just not enough until we found TurFresh. Now we can have friends over without feeling embarrassed about our artificial grass Craig Family

Max and Twix really thank you as well. We tried your product right before we had a big party and our friends asked us what smelled so good. Great smell, very effective and we look forward to being a long time customer with you guys Johnson Family

I called our local turf company to see if they can help me solve the nasty smell that came from my turf. They turned me on to Turfresh. I could not be happier with the results. Now, I am comfortable with my kids playing on the grass Olsen Family

Just want to say THANK YOU for the wonderful product. I've applied it twice. With these hot days, no more nasty smells, just freshness Tang Family

Just want to say what a great product TurFresh is. We had a terrible odour from our dog constantly urinating on side concrete passage topped with white stones. Tried many things and then heard about TurFresh. Initially when we tried it, the urine odour was so bad that we applied product in a concentrated format, to no avail. We then diluted it 30 to 1 as per instructions, and the difference was amazing. I guess it was the bioenzyme reaction.

The great fragrance dispelled the urine odour immediately. King Family

Excellent product. I have a small area of artificial turf with two dogs. Previously I have tried vinegar solutions and other enzymatic products. After one application and giving the turf a good scrub the smell disappeared..even after a hot day. I also applied it to the retaining wall which also worked extremely well. I now keep it in a spray bottle to clean the areas the dogs love to keep the smell at bay. I am really thrilled. Heywood Family

Great product and amazing customer service. We'd been training our puppy on a grassy entertainment area thinking it would be a quick fix to clean before NYE. We used a number of store bought products with absolutely no luck. After a fair bit of panicking, and some googling, I reached out to TurFresh and they responded almost immediately (even over the weekend and during the Xmas period). Not only did the product arrive the next day, but it was easy to use and completely removed the odour after two sprays. I would highly recommend TurFresh.  | A Mapps

I have a 30 square metre area of artificial turf at the back of our house and I find this product excellent at eliminating urine smells from our cavoodle. Using the applicator which automatically mixes to the correct water ratio is the easiest method on the market.

Leave overnight and then give the area a good soaking the next day and the smell is gone. Highly recommended product. | Jordan Family

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