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I've tried vinegar, bleach, water, baking soda...but nothing worked to remove the terrible odour. Turfresh was easy to use and the smell was gone. Of course our dog is still there, so we repeat the process each month Niederegger Family

Watering the turf every day was just not enough until we found TurFresh. Now we can have friends over without feeling embarrassed about our artificial grass Craig Family

Max and Twix really thank you as well. We tried your product right before we had a big party and our friends asked us what smelled so good. Great smell, very effective and we look forward to being a long time customer with you guys Johnson Family

I called our local turf company to see if they can help me solve the nasty smell that came from my turf. They turned me on to Turfresh. I could not be happier with the results. Now, I am comfortable with my kids playing on the grass Olsen Family

Just want to say THANK YOU for the wonderful product. I've applied it twice. With these hot days, no more nasty smells, just freshness Tang Family