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Frequently Asked Questions about Turfresh Enzyme Cleaner


Is TurFresh™ safe and has it been tested?

Turfresh is manufactured in a facility which has been registered to ISO 2000 standards. 

TurFresh is an all natural microbial enzyme artificial grass cleaner that provides cleaning and odour control by consuming and degrading the waste that causes the odours. The residue left behind is simply a small amount of carbon dioxide and water, which eventually evaporates, leaving your grass surface odour free.

Since TurFresh synthetic grass cleaning microbes are so efficient at consuming and degrading organic waste, they will out-compete the harmful pet bacteria on the surface, causing them to die. The only residues left are completely safe for humans and pets.


How Frequently Do I Apply Turfresh™?

Frequency of application is usually more when  initially treating your grass. It's important to build up the microbe army and reach all the urea crystals.


Going forward, there is no real exact answer as to frequency since each artificial grass cleaning scenario is dependant on area and number of dogs. If you have one dog, treatment once a fortnight during the hot season and every month during the cooler season is recommended as a starting point. Depending on your sensitivity to the odour, this may need to be more frequent. Couple the application with frequent watering, particularly at the time the urine is deposited (if you notice).


It is important to note, that whilst the dog continues to put the urine on the grass, the odour will always return. TurFresh is a maintenance programme. It is a reactive measure not a preventative measure. The enzyme can only react with the urea cystrals that are already there, not the cystrals that are yet to be deposited.


How long do I have to wait after application to use the grass?


After your application the enzymes are working hard.

If you are having a party or have kids or pets that want to play, go right ahead.

No need to wait since our product is clean, green and smells great!


After my first use I can still smell pet urine. Why is that?


There is no exact answer as to how much Turfresh to use on your first application. It depends on how long your grass has been used since cleaning it or if in fact the grass has ever been cleaned. It also depends on size of area and how many pets are urinating on the grass.

After initial treatment if there are still areas where there is urine odour, then not enough cleaner has been used. The bioenzyme formula must come into contact with all of the odour causing urea crystals. 

Try to keep your pet off the area until you have fully eradicated the odour.

Then set up a regular maintenance spray - trying once a fortnight in the hot months and monthly in the cooler months. Depending on your sensitivity to the odour, this may need to be increased or decreased.

Multiple pets means you may have to clean more frequently.


Does vinegar work to remove the smell?


No, we don't know how or why this urban legend has gained momentum.

No, no and never.  Also, do not use bleach or any other chemical. 

This can be dangerous to your pets and your family.

The only way to combat the uric acid crystals, is to use an enzyme cleaner that consumes the crystals.


Will TurFresh™ kill my plants?

Turfresh™ natural artificial grass cleaning enzymes will NOT kill, damage or hurt plants or real grass.


Can TurFresh™ be used on natural grass?


Whilst Turfresh™ will not harm natural grass, it is not really intended for use on natural grass.

If you are looking to help with your pet's urine burning off natural grass we suggest giving dog rocks a try. Dog rocks are placed in your pet's drinking water and filter out impurities such as tin, ammonia and nitrates, which are the grass burning culprits.

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