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Turfresh™ Concentrate - 5 Litre Maintenance Pack

SKU: 5 litre Maintenance
  • This pack includes a 1 litre bottle of Turfresh™ Concentrate Pet Urine artificial grass cleaner, the spray applicator (that connects to the hose) and 4 more litres for refilling.

    If you have a larger yard, multiple pets or are looking at setting up a regular maintenance regime, this is the pack for you.

    • Eliminate pet urine odour from artificial or synthetic grass.
    • Enzyme formula is the only thing that will work by breaking down the ammonia and proteins to eliminate the smell rather than cover it up.
    • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Safe for pets. Safe for kids.
    • Makes up a huge 150 litres.
    • Can also be used on concrete, pebbles, pavers, decks, pet toilet trays 


    This is a concentrate. 5 litres of TurFresh dilutes, when attached to the hose, to make 150 litres of cleaner.


    How much will I need?

    This is largely dependent on how many dogs, the size of the lawn and if the grass has ever been cleaned.

    As a rule of thumb,  a 1 litre bottle of Turfresh concentrate covers 24 m2 with one dog using the area.