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Power Brush Your Artificial Grass

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

If your home has artificial grass landscaping installed, then you know that occasional maintenance is required to keep it in its best shape. Although it never turns brown or becomes patchy like natural grass, your grass blades can become flat with repeated use and heavy foot traffic. When that’s the case, it’s time to rebloom your grass blades using a TurFresh Power Brush.

TurFresh Power brush brushing up artificial grass
What is a power brush?

A power brush is essentially a motorized broom that vigorously brushes up artificial grass fibers. It does the same job as a rake or manual broom, but it provides much more effective results with less required labor due to its powerful motor and stiff bristles. Power brushing your lawn can help remove pet hair, lodged debris, and other contaminants that are weighing down your turf and blocking drainage. With blades lifted, cleaning the urine odour from your grass also just got a whole lot easier. The upright grass blades allows the TurFresh solution to get down into the areas the urine has settled.

The power brush is cordlessly battery operated, with 40cm working width, making artificial grass maintenance a breeze.

Before and after power brushing artificial grass with TurFresh Power Brush
How to get the best results?

Before you start power brushing your grass, make sure that you check the way your blades naturally sit. You want to lift the blades up from the root, going against the grain, so identifying the direction of your grass blades is important. Next, check whether there are any loose edges. If you sweep over a loose part of your turf, it can lift the grass up, so proceed with caution around these areas.

Power brushing your turf is a small maintenance step that can transform and revitalize the look of your lawn. When you finish power brushing your artificial grass lawn for the first time, you’ll be astounded at the difference.

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