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How to Clean Pet Urine From Concrete or Pavers

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Pet sheep urine on pavers_how to clean

We get all sorts of calls from customers seeking advice when it comes to pet urine. But the best one we've had was the pet sheep peeing on the paved outdoor area.

The smell was so bad the customer was seriously contemplating getting rid of their pet sheep!

The smell of urine, regardless of what produces it, can be overwhelming.

Any urine left to evaporate will ultimately end up as urea crystals which are then insoluble. Heat, humidity and even water can make these suckers stink! A concrete patio or courtyard is even more likely to hold onto that urine smell as it is very porous, allowing the urine to soak in deeply. So here’s what you need to clean pet urine from pavers and get rid of the urine odour:

  1. A hose

  2. TurFresh Enzyme Cleaner

  3. A scrubbing brush or stiff garden broom

Hosing garden to help eliminate pet urine odour

1. Use water to wash pet urine away

The first thing you should do if you notice a urine puddle or have seen your pet urinate on the concrete or tiles, is to use a hose to flush the liquid away.

Getting rid of urine before it evaporates goes a long way to eliminating urine odour.

2. Apply TurFresh Enzyme Cleaner

The only cleaner that will break down urea crystals is an enzyme based cleaner such as TurFresh Pet Urine Odour Eliminator.

Apply TurFresh in the evening when the sun has gone down and the area is as cool as possible.

Spraying TurFresh onto synthetic lawn or pavers to eliminate pet urine odour

Attach to your garden hose and spray the enzyme cleaner on all concrete, pavers, pebbles or other hard surfaces, concentrating on areas they may have been more frequently used for toileting.

For stubborn odour areas, use a scrubbing brush or stiff garden brush to agitate the cleaner on the surface.

Allow the area to dry naturally overnight.

Lightly wet the pavers, concrete or hard surfaces again in the morning with the hose to keep the natural enzyme active as long as possible.

The process may need to be repeated to be sure the cleaner reaches all the way to where urine has settled previously.

3. Establish a regular cleaning regime

Clean pet urine on pavers with Turfresh Enzyme Cleaner

Remember that as long as your pet is still using the area and putting down the urine on a daily basis, the urine odour will build back up again.

Clean pet urine from pavers or concrete on a fortnightly basis during the hot months and only monthly during the cooler months will help stop that disastrous odour from building up.

And we are pleased to say, that after following this process, our wonderful pet sheep owners were happily keeping their sheep!

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