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How to Clean Your Artificial Grass

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Having artificial grass definitely comes with lots of perks; lush green grass all year round making the top of the list and low maintenance coming in a close second. But artificial grass still needs to be cared for to ensure longevity, to keep it looking as real as possible and if you're a pet owner, to have it smelling as fresh as possible.

We recommend the following tips to keep your synthetic grass looking as great as the day it was installed:

Raking leaves to clean your artifcial grass

Step 1: Remove Debris Regularly

One of the easiest ways to keep your artificial grass in top shape is to regularly remove debris from its surface. This includes leaves, twigs, pet hair & pet poops! Using a rake or leaf blower to gather up leaves in just a matter of minutes. If left for long periods, this debris could cause your grass blades to become flat, or clog your drainage, reducing your synthetic grass' lifespan.

Brushing grass to clean artificial grass

Step 2: Cross-Brush Your Grass Blades

With frequent use and foot traffic, even the best synthetic grass will eventually become flattened and matted over time. Cross-brushing your turf every month will help counteract this, restoring the artificial pile to its newly installed appearance.

A good stiff garden broom and a bit of elbow grease, brushing against the natural lay of the synthetic grass, will help fluff and restore the grass blades.

Powerbrushing synthetic grass with TurFresh Power Brush

To speed the process up and remove the substantial effort, investment in a handheld power brush is worthwhile.

The TurFresh Power Brush is specially designed to effectively re-fluff grass blades and remove debris without damaging your synthetic grass.

When cross-brushing always use a brush or broom with synthetic bristles, and avoid metal prongs at all costs.

Applying Turfresh Artificial Grass cleaner to remove pet urine odour

Step 3. For Pet Owners, Remove Urine Odour

with TurFresh Enzyme Cleaner

If you want a foolproof solution that will keep your synthetic grass smelling fresh year-round, apply our proprietary TurFresh Enzymatic Cleaner on a regular basis. Our specially formulated concentrate removes pet odour effectively. It is the best artificial grass cleaner for dog urine.

The TurFresh Spray Applicator makes the job of diluting and applying fast and efficient. It gets the cleaner down to where the urine has settled. TurFresh breaks down the ammonia and proteins in pet urine to eliminate the smell altogether rather than just covering it up. This results in a deeper clean.

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